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Ganda or Luganda is a member of the Bantu branch of the Niger-Congo languages. There are about 3 million Baganda people who live mainly in the Buganda region of Uganda. Ganda is also widely spoken elsewhere in Uganda as a second language. The name Uganda is the Swhaili version of Baganda (Wikipedia).

Experts in English to Luganda translations and interpretations

Languages Africa translate all kinds of documents from Luganda/Ganda to any target language. Our team of Luganda translators is comprised of native speakers doing translation for the respective languages. Having your document translated by a Ganda native speaker with experience in translation ensures quality of the work.

Luganda / Ganda to English translation services

We skillfully translate all sorts of material from the Swahili language also referred to as Luganda to English and this is done by native Ganda \ Luganda speakers. We do this for all types of Ganda \ Luganda dialects from all parts of Uganda. For example, the Luganda spoken in the District of Masaka differs a little from that spoken in the central part of Uganda.

English to Ganda / Luganda translation services

At Languages Africa, translations of all kinds; could be document, Academic, Immigration or any other field are carried out by our professional and experienced stuff from the English language to Ganda \ Luganda.

Quality of our services

As a team of experts in the translation industry, with no doubt provide high-quality translation services that you will ever need. Our Professional translators for all Ganda language combinations are comprised of native speakers with huge experience in translation. We have provided high quality translations to many prestigious companies worldwide with excellent results. Our team does thorough proofreading and editing as a way of eliminating any possible mistakes in the document. We know the importance of quality work for our business and that of our clients. This makes us to be as accurate as possible.

Areas of Expertise

Languages Africa has taken an increased effort to establish our own areas of specialization, as well as maintaining focus in the areas of our renowned expertise. With our native Luganda linguistic experts, we are able to provide high levels of professional excellence and quality.

  • E-learning /Education Luganda Translation Services

In the area of E-learning and education, many businesses are in need of fast and professional Luganda translation services for their courses, video training materials, presentations and documents. It is our aim to help businesses in various sectors such as IT, medicine and finance, in addition to schools and universities, to translate their E-learning content. Using the highest level of linguistic quality and accuracy, our Luganda translation service ensures an outstanding cultural experience.

The linguistic experts at Languages Africa provide exceptional E-learning and educational Luganda translation services in order to ensure that subtitles, voice-overs, text translation, interactive learning tutorials and self-teaching videos are translated quickly in the most cost-effective manner.

  • Luganda Energy & Environment Translation Services

Representing one of the largest areas of development in the 21st Century, the energy and environment sector is constantly changing and innovating. As one of the leading professional Luganda translation and localizing companiesLanguages Africa provides clients in the energy and environmental industry with high quality translation services that cover a wide range of industries in traditional energy, renewable energy and green energy. These include bioenergy, solar and wind power, environmental responsibility. We offer the best quality service through coordinating our specialist translators to suit your specific requirements and facilitate your success in these important global markets.

  • Luganda Financial Translation Services

At Languages Africa, we pride ourselves on being able to cover all areas of financial translation services, from investment procedures, to profit and loss statements, and trade agreements. Within banking, finance and insurance there is a unique language and register that is different from the commonplace language and terminology. Our detailed Luganda financial translations are essential towards ensuring that communication is clear, understandable and effective.

With our native Luganda translation experts with degrees in accounting, law and business studies, Languages Africa remains one of the most sought after companies for ensuring a high degree of experience in the translation of financial texts. You can be assured that the translation of your financial reports, analyses, insurance policies, insurance claim documents, and other finance, investment, banking, insurance and reporting materials are in excellent hands with our professional Luganda translators and experts in the financial sector. Our zero-error policy and high deliverables are implemented and ensured by our specialist project managers at competitive rates.

  • Luganda IT and Software Translation Services

In the 21st Century, Informational technology (IT) Luganda translations and software localization are of high priority and importance. Whether it is small businesses run by a single person or huge international corporations, IT plays a dominant role in ensuring efficient business settings and communication. Similar to accounting and legal, many businesses are investing in technology and innovation in order to compete in the global market. The culture, efficiency and relationships of a business, ensuring security of confidential information and trade advantages are important features that are affected by technological infrastructure. Thus, high-quality and reliable IT Luganda translations are essential for information technology development, operations and sustainment of any growing business.

With comprehensive solutions for IT translationsLanguages Africa boasts a large team of highly skilled and experience Luganda language professionals, industry experts and various project managers. Our aim to ensure an in-depth attention to detail, a focus on accurate technical translation of texts in the field of IT, hardware or software. Using our translations, your business will be able to thrive and strengthen its position in foreign markets.

  • Luganda Legal Translation Services

At the local and international level, it is evident that legal translation is an important area of expertise. Accurate Luganda legal translation helps to regulate the official and commercial relationships between parties, as various documents and policies in legal affairs are complex, demanding and require expert knowledge. Languages Africa recognizes the importance of delivering outstanding high-quality Luganda translations in the private and public sectors. Our professional Luganda experts provide an in-depth understanding of common law, civil law and the legal systems used worldwide.

  • Life Sciences Translation Services

Life Sciences is concerned with the study of living organisms, including biology, microbiology, plant sciences, biomedical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, animal health, zoology and environmental studies. There has been an increase worldwide of professionals publishing research results across renowned journals, presenting their findings at international conferences and meetings; as well as developing corporate and/or public communication policies and procedures.

Languages Africa Luganda translators are experts in the life science industry and understand the regulatory requirements that need to be adhered. Specializing in medicine, pharmaceuticals, clinical testing, medical device manufacturing and other areas, our translators are able to provide authentic representations of original research using clear and accurate communication. Our quality assurance methods guarantee client and document confidentiality, as our Luganda translation services form both the basis and stimulus of global scientific collaboration.

  • Manufacturing Technical Luganda Translation Services

Globalization and technological advancements have increased opportunities for the plant and mechanical engineering sector. At Languages Africa, we provide technical Luganda translation and manufacturing translation services that are personalized to global business needs. This includes business integration, harmonizing business unity and small manufacturers exploring partnerships to support their global journey.

The automotive, chemical, machinery and construction manufacturing industries require Luganda technical translations that ensure information flow is seamless, fast and accurate. To compete in the current globally connected world, our translations will ensure your company’s success. The Languages Africa Luganda expert linguists are specialists in this area and possess the knowledge and skills necessary for manufacturing texts to be accurately reproduced in the target language; ensuring your company thrives in the global marketplace.

  • Luganda Marketing and Advertising Translation Services

In order to have your business grow at the international stage, effective communication and adequate Luganda marketing translations are fundamental. Languages Africa specializes in translating communications in order for your business to transfer communication from one country to another, as well as operational marketing campaigns for foreign markets. Our cost-effective and efficient translations for advertising and marketing will enable your company to stay ahead of global competition for increased market share. Using native Luganda expert translators, our professional service will ensure your advertising and marketing strategies generate an impact on your global audience.

  • Luganda Medical Translation Services

In the area of medical and pharmaceutical translation, it is necessary to have expert professionals that are highly specialized in the healthcare industry and qualified in the appropriate subject matter. These translations include texts in the areas of medicine, healthcare pharmaceutical products, medical devices and clinical trials; as well as informed consent forms, medical device manuals (IFU/DFU), hospital documents and medical reports.

Languages Africa ensures that all our Luganda specialist translators are working in the medical or pharmaceutical field on a daily basis. Our translators not only have an in-depth background of the medical system, but undergo routine qualification and competence testing.

  • Luganda Non-governmental Translation Services

Non-governmental organizations across the world require frequent translators for internal and external communication of their project materials and programs. These organizations include humanitarian and international development organizations that work in countries around the world. Languages Africa has continued to provide important Luganda translations in activities including international conference materials, annual reports, research papers, creative marketing collateral, newsletters, press releases, operational guidelines and financial and operational reports. It is recognized that credibility and reputation can be damaging for an organization, impacting funding opportunities, the approval of programs and policy changes. The Languages Africa native Luganda translators provide specialized translation services and excellent communication with donors, sponsors and partners in non-governmental organizations and the public sector.

Languages Africa offers accurate services and Luganda translations that are specific to the language combination, context and brief.

  • Luganda Religious Translation Services

As the cornerstone of the establishment of various religions and their traditions, the religious texts and documents have an important role in benefiting society as well as in upholding the values in it. The texts are considered sacred and reliable by believers in many faiths and their translation has been used in international scholarship in history, theology, and other humanities. Careful and accurate translation of these documents are able to provide society with full information about and understanding of the religion and is necessary to avoid any issues regarding the authenticity of the texts.

Languages Africa boasts a diverse team of talented translators and brings your company closer to your international audience through accurate Luganda religious text translation services. Our native Luganda translators have a background in every culture and faith, and concentrate on the sensitive nature of religious translations, the original text source; thereby transferring it accurately, faithfully and integrally to the target audience. Languages Africa carefully selects the team of Luganda religious translators, ensuring qualification tests are done and guidelines are maintained. Our specialized translators and editors have excellent religious understanding and knowledge needed to handle your translations.

  • Luganda Website Translation Services

Over 6500 languages are spoken by 7 billion people across the globe, meaning English-only websites reach less than 25% of Internet users worldwide. The smartest companies realize that having a multilingual website is crucial to reach foreign markets and increase international sales. Languages Africa prides itself on exceptional Luganda web content translation services across all platforms including e-commerce, mobile applications, trading platforms and the translation of product sheets in a range of disciplines.

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Swahili is a Bantu language spoken mainly in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya, and also in Burundi, Mozambique, Oman, Somalia the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Africa by about 98 million people. Swahili is an official language of Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya, and is used as a lingua franca throughout East Africa.

Swahili is also one of the working languages of the African Union and of the Southern African Development Community

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