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About Swahili Language History

The origin of the Swahili language can be traced back to the 6th century A.D. when it was regarded as a language of the slaves brought to Zanzibar. The region was ruled by Arabs at that time who helped spread the language due to their settlements in Zanzibar and their need to trade with the locals. As the number of trading routes increased, the merchants speaking Swahili moved to the countries and regions they were trading with, thus expanding the area where Swahili was used. By the end of 18th century, there were written literary examples of Swahili.

The 19th century opened a new page in Swahili history due to Arab rule coming to an end. European colonization changed Swahili significantly as it was influenced by Latin as opposed to Arabic script.

Swahili only first started to be taught recently. The first dictionaries and grammar of Swahili were created in the second half of the XIX century by German specialists when Tanganyika became a colony of Germany. After World War II, Swahili became the official language of communication among the entire population of British South Africa. This necessitated further development of the language. Swahili was included in the elementary educational system. During the fight for independence, Swahili anticolonial propaganda was launched. Since obtaining freedom, all free states of South Africa have used Swahili as the primary language of education, and targeted campaigns have been launched to conquer illiteracy.

Congolese Swahili translation and Interpretation Services

Languages Africa provide excellent quality and fast results at the most competitive rates in the industry. We have vast experience translating a wide range of content types. Our Congolese Swahili linguistic experts are evaluated on an ongoing basis, including validation checks to ensure consistent quality and professional excellence.

Languages Africa Experts in Congolese translations and interpretations

  • English to Congolese Swahili E-learning /Education Translation Services

Many of the top businesses in the industry rely on Languages Africa to deliver fast and professional Congolese Swahili translation services for E-learning materials, courses, video training materials, documents and presentations. We provide top quality E-learning translators with backgrounds in business, health sciences, social sciences, medicine, pharmaceutical, legal, finances, tourism, technology, IT, medicine, university and other areas of education. Our highly skilled translators possess the highest level of linguistic quality, technical accuracy and cultural experience to ensure your content is accurately translated in the target language.

At Languages Africa our Congolese Swahili translation experts are knowledgeable in the cultural adaptation of e-learning programs. This includes high-quality translation of subtitles, voice-overs, text translation, interactive learning tutorials and self-teaching videos for e-learning modules. Our E-learning Congolese Swahili translation services will help to increase your clientele and effectively communicate your content to audiences worldwide.

  • Congolese Swahili Energy & Environment Translation Services

This sector is constantly changing and innovating, and is a growing important industry in the global landscape. Languages Africa provides expert Congolese Swahili translation services to ensure that language barriers are one less obstacle in the way of environmental progress and the international cooperation of ideas and research. Our high quality translation services cover a wide range of industries such as bioenergy, solar and wind power, environmental responsibility. With the best quality service, our dedicated specialist translators are qualified and have years of experience in the industry specific terminology and protocols to ensure your company’s success in the global markets.

  • Congolese Swahili Financial Translation Services

Languages Africa delivers the financial translation that you require and are a vital part of the global economy and the economies of individual countries. As traders, buyers and sellers communicate with individuals across the world, it is vital that communication in banking, finance and insurance is free-flowing and that the information shared is accurate. Our detailed Congolese Swahili financial translations cover all areas of business including accounting, financial sector, insurance, investment, profit and loss statements as well as trade agreements. We ensure that the financial translations are clear, understandable and effective in order for your company to meet your business communication goals.

With our Congolese Swahili professional translators, Languages Africa guarantees high-quality and excellent applied language solutions for your financial texts. Some of our recent financial clients requested high-level translation of financial reports, analyses, insurance policies, insurance claim documents, and other finance, investment, banking, insurance and reporting materials. Our professional Congolese Swahili translators with decades of experience are highly trained and possess degrees in accounting, law and business studies. With a zero-error policy and extensive quality control, we ensure the highest quality standards for your translations at competitive rates.

  • Congolese Swahili IT and Software Translation Services

The world has experienced rapid growth and development of information technologies (IT) in the 21st Century. With more IT solutions and products introduced to the market every day, there is an increased need for reliable and accurate translations. At Languages Africa we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, providing absolute accuracy and consistency which is important for the translation of IT and software localization. We specialize in the professional Congolese Swahili translation of software and hardware, operating systems, telecom, apps, user manuals, websites, ERP systems and more.

Each translation is carried out by our comprehensive team of Congolese Swahili language professionals, with experience in IT related translations, knowledge of relevant international terminologies and technical terms, legislation and requirements. Our extensive quality control includes content, consistency and coherence checks, in-depth attention to detail and focusing on the accuracy of technical translations in various fields. With our translations Languages Africa ensures accurate transmission of your messages to your target audience; thereby strengthening your position in the global markets.

  • Congolese Swahili Legal Translation Services

In the legal field, it is essential that accurate legal translation services are provided for all aspects of the legal process. Clarity of law at the local and international level is vitally important, as all parties need to understand the complex language of legislation, legal documents and policies. Congolese Swahili Legal translation is an important area of expertise and requires expert knowledge of arbitration, litigation, contracts, patents and court cases, depositions, intellectual property, mediation, industry agreements and tribunals.

At Languages Africa we recognize the importance of delivering high-quality Congolese Swahili translations in a timely manner. Our team of highly-skilled Congolese Swahili translators have a strong background in the field of law translation and an in-depth understanding of common law and international legislation.

  • Congolese Swahili Life Sciences Translation Services

Are you looking for life science and medical Congolese Swahili translation services? Languages Africa Congolese Swahili translators are experts in the life sciences industry which encompasses diverse disciplines including biology, microbiology, plant sciences, biomedical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, animal health, zoology and environmental studies. Worldwide, it is evident that translation has a large role in the medication-to-market process, impacting the length of time-to-market processes, regulatory approvals and the marketing and commercialization of medication. In addition, as the world globalizes, the sharing of scientific research and information is becoming more important as professionals are publishing research in many journals and presenting their findings in various arenas. We recognize that clinical research translations services are important for all stages of the research process.

Languages Africa Congolese Swahili translators have a great deal of experience in medical and life science translations and offer a complete package. Providing clear and accurate communication is the mission of Languages Africa, as we ensure quality assurance methods and document confidentiality in order to assist our clients in achieving international scientific collaboration.

  • Congolese Swahili Manufacturing Technical Translation Services

Technical documents are required by many industries including industrial manufacturers in the plant and mechanical engineering sector. These sectors rely on translations and localization expertise in order to increasingly expand into international markets and coordinate communications. At Languages Africa our high-quality Congolese Swahili translators are trained in technical translations and the manufacturing industries. These translations will assist your company in competing the globally connected world, as our Congolese Swahili expert linguists are specialized in translating technical information, user manuals, operating instructions, product descriptions and information, data sheets, documentation and training manuals. Languages Africa helps your company to employ manufacturing translation services to break down the international barriers, remove obstacles and ensure effective corporate communication in the marketplace.

  • Congolese Swahili Marketing and Advertising Translation Services

In the ever evolving digital era, creating high-quality marketing and advertising materials takes considerable time and effort. However, your company’s message and brand can get easily lost in translation if the content is not localized correctly. Effective communication and marketing translation requires linguists who understand your business strategy and target audiences. Languages Africa helps you to succeed in your advertisement without having to spend much of your resources. Our native Congolese Swahili linguists are qualified in translating advertising and marketing materials for people in business and finance, manufacturing industries, tech sector, retail sector, and medical and supply sectors, and real estate, among other industries. Using industry-leading technology to improve efficiency and lower costs for our clients, the translated content is localized to reflect the culture and stylistic preferences of your global audience.

  • Congolese Swahili Medical Translation Services

Medical translation covers the translation of a wide variety of medical texts, such as clinical, technical, regulatory and even marketing materials in the medical field. Highly specialized translations are needed due to the sensitive nature and complex structure of the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

At Languages Africa our qualified Congolese Swahili specialist translators are experts in the medical field and ensure that medical details are translated and used appropriately. With backgrounds in fields including microbiology, pharmacology, genetics, and medical device technology and years of experience, our translators and editors have expertise in the terminology and linguistic nuances of the target language. Languages Africa sets the global standard among translation service providers.

  • Congolese Swahili Non-governmental Translation Services

Non-governmental organizations operate at the local and international level and require translations for internal and external communication. The various programs and projects require translation of international conference materials, annual reports, research papers, creative marketing collateral, newsletters, press releases, operational guidelines and financial and operational reports. Languages Africa bridges the communication gap between the Congolese Swahili and English language, as we provide accurate Congolese Swahili translations by certified native translators with knowledge of non-governmental organization procedures. We will carefully allocate your project to the best translator for the job.

We are proud to offer our services and produce accurate Congolese Swahili translations to ensure your content has the correct context and brief.

  • Congolese Swahili Religious Translation Services

Over the years, religious messages and texts have impacted millions of individuals with a variety of languages across the world. Ensuring the message and spirit of the original religious text is important and allows the sacred texts to remain accurate, reliable and holy. Used in international scholarship in history, theology, and other humanities, it is essential that the translation of these documents are detailed, accurate and authentic. Languages Africa brings your religious texts closer to an international audience with our accurate Congolese Swahili translation services. Our diverse group of native Congolese Swahili translators are from various faiths and cultural backgrounds and possess religious knowledge. We guarantee professional excellence in each and every project of our clients, as the religious translations are carried out in a faithful and integral manner to the target language.

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